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Mulambo story of Mary and her sisters from the trash
Maria mulambo the trash tells his story ...

Mulambo Mary was the daughter of a slave to feudal lord of many a land and he loved his mother and not treated as a slave but more as a wife, much as there was prejudice of the townspeople because she is black, Mulambo not met his mother, so he was born his mother died in childbirth was then raised by her father with all the luxuries and pampering and everyone in town treated her very well especially the noblest of his father have a lot of wealth and power in the city, his father suffered from a disease that does not would cure so he left his entire estate to Mulambo a beautiful young and beautiful, when he completed his 18-year-old lost his father in a somewhat painful was alone in the world with so much money over so unhappy, the townspeople when they learned of the death of his father moved through with it because it was a very pretty brunette jambo more for all was but a slave who was hiding behind expensive jewelry and clothing, the months passed and loneliness increase and the more sad cry was, until one decided to leave just to see us, even though the people discriminated against, he started to walk with the humble were not prejudiced by it only the admiration of the Princess called because slaves made generous donations to poor families in the village one day met a boy very beautiful and nice it was love at first sight, then the boy went to visit her and taking a little of the loneliness of life, and every day was gaining more confidence and love, it was not long Mulambo will marry and live happy moments, in those days women could not learn to read or write, and that was the worst happened! His dream turned nightmare.Mulambo left as it used to do every day to visit their families and the village, when he arrived at his mansion to the slaves who served for many years prevented her from entering his own house in order of her husband, told him that the master ordered that no leave to enter or drinking water that there she would have no more just the street. Mulambo not believe what I was hearing, because her beloved husband betrayed her and stole all the goods.Bewildered wandered the streets, which was not hurt Mulambo loss of wealth, most of the betrayal of someone who was the only person who still had in life.Days have passed their fine clothes became rags, his face was sad and dark beauty was more visible to all who passed by and saw the woman with outstretched hand dirty and ragged, went hungry and cold but still, what is most abused was treason, a sidewalk going through the same beautiful woman famous cabaret owner Mulambo looked and asked the girl you are so beautiful because it begging, Mulambo girl barely looked at and answered nothing, then called the girl's cabaret seven skirts made a invitation to Mulambo, Mulambo that go with it would be very rich and loved by many men, not quite understanding Mulambo seven accompanied the queen of cabaret skirt dress up and began to make a living, regained twice the wealth they had was one of the most demand on the cabaret, kept his heart in the drawer that was rigorous and cold at the time of charging, many abortions did not want to have children and was often forced to take because of work and could not deal with this situation (for this reason Maria is the entity mulambo protector of children) one day the house was full and the man who destroyed his life and stole his property was to give the rumor that spread through the city, when mulambo saw his heart galloped in an absurd because whatever he had destroyed her dreams she still loved him because as she says (true love is the only spell that is never broken) he approached her and asked forgiveness for everything he had done that was a foolish and wanted his wife back that was selfish and ambitious, but it was for her to understand that he has always suffered in life, and has no right to do the same with her, and quickly scheduled a meeting with her at a crossroads away a little cabaret midnight, She took a deep breath and accepted the invitation in the hope that he had actually told the truth and changed mulambo left hidden with a black cape often used at that time, arriving there he approached her and said "you were the most beautiful woman I met in all my life and its beauty will not share with anyone I do it for love "suddenly appeared over 6 friends held her down and she stabbed her several times and still alive he threw in a dumpster and took fire, so mulambo heals the pain of people suffering with treason and is in favor of the couples, their families Axe is characterized by respect and an ax.

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